Volunteer Nominating Committee Process

ESRD Network 13
Nominating Committee Process:

The Network 13 Nominating Committee must consider a wide range of factors in filling volunteer positions, including but not limited to expertise, knowledge, facility affiliation and diversity. In general, the Network is looking for potential candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to ESRD patients and a desire to participate in one of the Network’s Boards or Committees. Candidates may include nephrologists, vascular surgeons, transplant surgeons, nephrology nurses, transplant nurses, social workers, registered dietitians, administrators, patient care technicians, and patients from ESRD facilities in Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Both adult and pediatric professionals are encouraged to apply. As possible, the BOD will solicit nominations from the membership of individuals of racial and ethnic backgrounds reflective of the patient population in the Network 13 states. Likewise, the nominating committee will use this consideration along with geography and discipline when developing the slate of nominees for committee and board membership that will be forwarded to the BOD.

Individuals are encouraged to volunteer by completing a volunteer/nominating form and providing it to the nominating committee. Nominations are also solicited through the membership of the Network Council in the summer of each year. The election process is defined in the Network 13 Bylaws.

May 15, 2012