Patient Complaints & Grievances

Network 13 has staff qualified to assist with the resolution of complaints and grievances. A complaint or grievance may be filed by the patient, a family member or another person acting on the patient’s behalf (per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—HIPAA—guidelines). Grievances are more formalized complaints which the Network evaluates and processes according to specific written procedures, which include peer review of the situation.

Additionally, the Network will assist with referral to oversight agencies (State Survey Agencies) for complaints/grievances related to environmental conditions and CMS Conditions for Coverage issues, physician practice issues, civil rights issues, staff-related issues and other issues that are not within the scope of the Network program. The Network works with you to determine if referral to another agency is appropriate after review of concerns.

Where can I get information on the Network 13 Grievance Policy?

Contact the Network on our toll-free patient number, 1.800.472.8664, to request a copy of the policy or download a copy below.

Network 13 Grievance Policy

Make sure the Network 13 Grievance Poster is posted at your facility Contact the Network if you need a replacement poster.

Network 13 Grievance Poster (by state)

Arkansas Poster

Louisiana Poster

Oklahoma Poster

Addressing complaints and grievances:
The Patient Approach

Step 1

  • Ask for and follow your treatment facility’s written grievance procedures.
  • Try to address your concern at the facility level. Communicate your concern to the staff member identified in the facility grievance policy/procedure.
  • Work together with the staff to identify  potential solutions.
  • Provide feedback to staff on whether your concern was addressed appropriately.
  • Assist staff to evaluate the outcome of   corrective action.
  • Note: If you are not satisfied, or if you are uncomfortable approaching the appropriate staff member, then proceed immediately to step two.

Step 2

  • Contact the Network at 1.800.472.8664; Speak with the person in charge of Patient Services.
  • Discuss the options available for addressing your concerns.
  • Work together with the Patient Services Department in selecting a process to address your concerns.
  • Provide feedback to the Network about the results of the corrective action activities by the treatment facility.
  • Assist the Patient Services Department to evaluate the assistance provided.

Working together, this process can help to improve the quality of services  provided to all patients.