Facility Information Handbook

The Facility Information Handbook provides updated materials set forth by the Network 13 Medical Review Board (MRB) and helpful information regarding the care of ESRD patients. The information is printer friendly so please feel free to copy materials as needed.

The current Network standards and recommendations are provided for reference, as well as the updated Clearinghouse Library. Use the Table of Contents to direct focus to the information needed.

All applicable Quality Improvement (QI) correspondence will continue to be forwarded to the dialysis and transplant facilities. The Network QI responsibilities will continue to include:

  • Submittal of any required QI items to the Network;
  • Maintenance and knowledgeable about what QI materials are mailed to nurse managers; and
  • The responsibility for dissemination of this information to the appropriate people in your facility.

With 245+ facilities in the Network, it is known that everyone approaches Network QI responsibilities in a variety of ways. It is our hope that the information on this site can be utilized by the facilities in improvement of ESRD patient care outcomes.

Revisions and modifications occur annually. We distribute replacement copies for inclusion in the manual each spring. Requests for information can be done at any time by contacting the Network.