Responsibility for Sticking Implantable (SQ) Devices

We have received numerous questions and concerns regarding ‘who can stick’ the implantable (SQ) devices now seen in several dialysis units throughout Network 13. We recognize that this issue is of concern to several people and as such we posed the question of “who?” to the State Agencies of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, as they oversee ESRD staff qualifications.

Louisiana referred us to language from the Louisiana State Board of Nursing which states, “The following nursing interventions may not be delegated in any practice setting, in accordance with the Board’s rules (LAC 46:XLVII.3703c): … 6. Accessing any implanted device.” Arkansas and Oklahoma did not have any specific references. We also reviewed the Nurse Practice Acts for all three states in an attempt to answer questions and concerns.

Our efforts to date have led us to the conclusion that this issue requires clarification for those who practice under nursing licensure and as such we strongly encourage nurse managers and/or facility administrators to contact your state nursing boards. The individual state nursing boards can be contacted via the following websites or phone numbers:

ARKANSAS: (501) 686-2700

LOUISIANA: (504) 838-5332

OKLAHOMA:\nursing (405) 962-1800

The entire area of implantable devices is evolving and requires vigilance and patience as we all ‘learn together’. We will add the above three links to the Network website for your convenience.